B2200 No communication to TV module (no fitting of TV)
B2201 No communication with Traffic Master module
B2202 No communication to VICS module (no fitting of VICS)
B2203 CD-ROM error
B2204 GPS antenna connection open or short
B2205 GPS recieve error
B2206 Gyroscope error
B2207 ECU ROM checksum error
B2208 Communication link to display and switch module error
B2209 Interior lamp override switch open circuit
B2210 Interior lamp override switch short to ground
B2211 Low coolant lamp output circuit short to battery
B2214 Window passenger front up switch short to battery
B2215 Window passenger front down switch short to battery
B2219 Window driver front current feedback exceeded
B2220 Window driver rear current feedback exceeded
B2221 Window passenger front current feedback exceeded
B2222 Window passenger rear current feedback exceeded
B2223 Driver mirror drive circuit failure
B2224 Passenger mirror drive circuit failure
B2225 Front crash sensor mount fault
B2226 Front crash sensor internal fault
B2227 Front crash sensor driver communications fault
B2228 Air bag driver circuit short to ground – loop #2
B2229 Air bag passenger circuit short to ground – loop #2
B2230 Air bag driver circuit short to battery – loop #2
B2231 Air bag passenger circuit short to battery – loop #2
B2232 Driver airbag open circuit – loop #2
B2233 Passenger airbag open circuit – loop #2
B2234 Air bag driver inflator circuit resistance low on squib – loop #2
B2235 Air bag passenger inflator circuit resistance low on squib – loop #2
B2236 Weak or defected electric vehicle battery module fault
B2237 Vehicle signal indicating park while VSS (Vehicle Speed Signal) present
B2238 Power cable for power sliding door broken
B2239 Rear cargo door set switch stuck (short to ground)
B2240 Rear cargo door reset switch stuck (short to ground)
B2241 Rear cargo door lock circuit short to ground
B2242 Rear cargo door unlock circuit open
B2243 Driver rear door ajar circuit open
B2244 Driver sliding door ajar circuit short to ground
B2245 Passenger rear door ajar circuit open
B2246 Passenger sliding door ajar circuit short to ground
B2247 EV (Electric Vehicle) battery pack temperature fault
B2248 Heated windsheild relay coil circuit failure
B2249 Head lamp relay coil short to battery
B2250 All doors unlock relay circuit failure
B2251 Parklamp output relay driver circuit failure
B2252 Parklamp output relay driver short to battery

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